Family Wealth Management

When you’re balancing personal, financial and family priorities, it’s essential to look at your entire financial picture and help you fit the pieces together properly.

Our team builds an easy-to-understand family wealth plan that integrates all key aspects of your wealth, including a custom investment portfolio and protection strategy. Through a process we call macro-economic planning, we help you see the big picture and ensure that all your financial strategies and decisions are working together to support your goals.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive family wealth planning and portfolio management
  • A wide range of protection strategies integrated into your financial plan 
  • Insurance strategies designed to help transition wealth, mitigate risk and meet family wealth goals
  • Working with immediate family to help ensure your family wealth priorities will be upheld should you be unable to participate in the process
  • Planning your estate and legacy while mitigating tax

Key Portfolio Management Factors

Key Portfolio Management Factors

As part of our family wealth management process, we provide a broad range of portfolio management strategies customized for your needs, goals and life stage.

Below is a cross-section of wealth management questions we help our clients clarify:

  • What is the current risk level of our total investment portfolio?
  • Does our current portfolio meet our lifestyle needs? How might we reposition our investments to help meet our objectives?
  • What is our net annual return in dollars and on a percentage basis? How tax-efficient is our investment strategy?
  • How much are we paying annually for investment services? Is the advice I’m getting objective and transparent?

“As a family-owned practice, not only am I acting as a fiduciary in the best interest of our clients, I am also bringing to the table over two decades of personal and professional experience in macro-economic planning. It’s this team approach that really helps our clients understand their financial lives.” - Regan Washer, Managing Partner