Cillian Tyrrell


Cillian Tyrrell, originally from Ireland, started off as an intern with ICS Financial in March of 2022 and has now become the firm’s newest registered investment advisor.

He obtained a business degree from Dublin Institute of Technology and started his professional career in business development and acquisition for a rapidly growing start-up specializing in energy, AI, and telecommunications.

During this time, Cillian found a passion for building strong, long-lasting relationships with a commitment to providing a tailored experience for each of his clients.

After moving to the US with his wife Moira in September of 2021, Cillian decided to focus on a new career path in the financial services sector. To do that, he studied for and obtained a Certificate in Financial Planning from James Madison University.

When he is away from the office, Cillian enjoys spending time with his wife and helping out in his local community.